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This is an example of a Page, you can edit this to put information about your site. In general, you will be making Posts, not Pages. Pages are a good place for static information, but they will likely not be the most powerful way to feature your site’s content.

Default Pages

Every Pressible site has four default Pages: About, People, Tags, and Topics. We recommend that you do not delete these pages, as they provide key browsing opportunities for your audience (but you can remove them by changing them to “drafts“).

You must write your About page, but PeopleTags, and Topics pages will auto-populate when authors publish posts. Authors are able to add tags and topics to posts (please note that topics appear as “Categories” on the backend). Authors will be added to your People page when they publish posts (there is no other way to add people to this page).

Additional Pages

You can add additional pages, and they will appear in alphabetical order on the top navigation bar of your site. Though pages seem like a good place to publish content (and are crawled by search engines), we generally recommend against using them, and here’s why:

  • Pages increase the editorial burden of the site, as administrators must remember to keep them up to date. Because posts are timestamped, they can have timely content, and then recede into history with no additional editorial work.
  • Publishing activity on pages do not appear in your RSS feed(s).
  • Though they are a “top link,” they are not well-positioned to receive a lot of attention. By contrast, links to posts appear in many places throughout your site (via tags, topics, and related posts).
  • Only posts appear as Related Content throughout the Pressible network of sites.

Here are some tips for avoiding pages:

  • Create a post and put it in the “Featured” category. As a featured topic for your audience, it will be highlighted on your Homepage sidebar (until you remove it from the featured category).
  • Create a page with essential details, but them periodically create posts that highlight that page.

For more help, check the Pressible FAQs.