Simple message, great traffic ☆

| November 6, 2012

At the time of this post, the Pressible site TC Elementary Inclusive Education has the largest audience of any Pressible site! As the outreach-oriented compendium for the TC Program site, it features a great and active stream of useful content.

Network Effects

Sites with great readership bring a larger audience to the whole Pressible network via Related Posts—this so-called “viral seeding” marketing strategy is one of the great reasons to choose to publish on Pressible. Every post on Pressible is related to other posts across both the site of origin and the whole Pressible network. The result is the “Related Posts” sidebar on every post page that features links to posts and the sites they are posted to. Think of this as free in-network advertising for your content! While authors can’t choose which posts will be selected as related, they can shape the list by tagging their posts—tags are privileged over automated data-mining.

Impersonal Authorship

Program Coordinator Professor Celia Oyler oversees the site, but all posts are published by a user called “Elem Inclusive.” While it can be helpful to have real people as authors, Pressible allows for non-people too. Some things you should be aware of when choosing to publish posts as non-people:

  • Usernames appear in post URLs (e.g., This is useful data for people and search engines to understand the authorship of a post.
  • Using your real name as your username increases your visibility in search engines. Of course you may not want to be found online, so choosing an appropriate username might be useful.
  • A Pressible site with only one published author only shows your profile picture on posts—not in the Pressible header or sidebar areas. Hence, if you’re going to publish under a nom de plume, having a single author site may be more visually elegant and simple.