Making a Pressible site for a TC Program

| November 6, 2012

The Pressible site, “Program Name”, does a great job of helping TC Programs (and Departments!) get started with Pressible. Within a Pressible site, it demonstrates how TC groups can use Pressible to communicate with students, stay in touch with alumni, and share general news more broadly.

Program Name” also does a good job of demonstrating how ‘Topics‘ can be used to organize a Pressible site. Topics group posts that are similar—and showcases them in the 3-column navigation bar that features the five most recent posts in the three most recent Topics that have been posted to. In the “Program Name” site you can see that posts are separated into three topics, ‘Featured Articles’, ‘Alumni Profiles’ and ‘Our Students.’ These separate posts into three easy-to-understand categories. To create your own topics, go to your Dashboard, then go to Posts and then select Categories. Create a category for each of your Topics, adding its name and a brief description.When you create a new post, you can choose the category that best describes your post. That post will now be placed in the appropriate topic for your audience.

The “Program Name” site is a great example of how to set up a Pressible site and it was created by a very talented TC tech fellow. The tech fellow who created the site is no longer in that position so if you have any questions about how to get started on Pressible, please contact the library. We are always happy to help you with any Pressible questions!